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About Us

Knitting lefthanded About Us was founded by Norma Jean. Norma Jean has been an avid knitter for over 30 years and has taught left-handed knitting, left-handed hardanger, crochet, cross-stitch, brazillian embroidery, and quilting. She is also a designer for left-handed patterns.

Being left-handed, she too struggled with patterns that were orientated toward right-handed knitters. Norma grew tired of hearing the same old adage, "Use a mirror, learn to knit right-handed, we all use both hands anyway, and learn Continental."

Through the years Norma developed ways to "reconstruct" right-handed patterns; reversing the right to left and several other techniques. Norma decided it was time to help the left-handed knitter by producing patterns and DVDs designed specifically for the lefty.

Her ultimate goal: "To walk into a knit shop and be able to purchase patterns that are designed for left-handed knitters."